Here’s the upcoming HeroClix schedule for the rest of this year – subject to change because the holidays require flexibility:

Day/Date – Saturday  11/09/19
Time – 2:00 pm
1000 points of anything.
No restrictions.

Day/Date – Saturday  11/16/19
Time – 2:00 pm
500 point named theme team..
No one can use the flight ability, and no TK. 

Day/Date – Saturday  12/07/19
Time – 2:00 pm
400 points, no resources.

All characters must be 75 points or less.

Day/Date – Saturday  12/14/19
Time – 2:00 pm
600 points themed.
All figures on your team must be a representation of the same character.

Day/Date – Saturday  12/28/19
Time – 2:00 pm
500 points themed.
Winter and the Holidays have arrived. In an attempt to warm things up, a team of fire or heat based powers. 

*Remember that team bases resources, relics and feats are not allowed unless specified.