Welcome to Subspace Comics, the newest (and yet, the oldest) comic book shop in Lynnwood, WA! Although it might look like The Comic Stop, it’s not… let’s see if I can explain.

Back in the Fall of 1999, I started a small comic book shop called The Comic Stop with two partners, located near the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA. After a couple of years, that one store grew into two… and then a few years later, it grew into three.¬†Fast forward to 2013, and The Comic Stop now comprised four locations (and managed to create a comic convention, but that is another story) with a couple more partners. Although things were fine with the status quo, things were not great.

Having spent the last couple of years removed from the shop I created, allowing others to run the day to day operations and to make the big decisions, it has become clear that it was time for a change. It was time to start fresh, to wipe away the direction of the shop from the last couple of years and get back to what made this shop great in the first place. However, to do this properly, there was only one thing to do: say goodbye to The Comic Stop.

With this decision in place, it was decided by all of us involved in the Comic Stop chain to split off from one another. This would allow the other shops to continue on the path they have made for themselves, while the flagship store could be reborn as something new. Enter¬†Subspace Comics, a family-run shop (owned and operated by husband-wife team of Brian Meredith — me! — and Amy “Dizzy” Meredith) that will focus on the overall comic book experience and to the strengthening of the local comics community.

So, although this shop has been around for nearly 14 years, Subspace Comics is a brand new shop, with new and old faces at the helm. Over the next few months, expect many changes to be made to how the shop looks, how it runs, what we sell, etc.

Stick around… it’s about to get interesting.

-Brian Meredith
Owner, Subspace Comics