Here’s the HeroClix schedule for April 2014:

Day/Date – Saturday  04/05
No Game Scheduled

Day/Date – Saturday  04/12
Time – 4:00 pm
700 Point Golden Age
No feats, vehicles or team bases. Your entire team must be made up of DC characters. Only the Utility Belt resource will be allowed, 5 actions before Leadership. Prize will be Shrinking Violet LE and Legionnaire Flight Ring.

Day/Date – Saturday  04/19
Time – 4:00 pm
500 Point Sealed Event with Wolverine and the X-Men boosters.
2 for $20 to build your team from, but the store is offering a 3 for $25 deal also, plus super boosters for $20 each. You may use the Phoenix Force resource for this event at no cost to your team build, no other resources allowed. The prize will be the Mon-El Le from SLOSH and there will also be LE’s from the WatX OP kit.

Day/Date – Saturday  04/26
Time – 1:00 pm
300 Point Modern Age
No team bases,vehicles or resources. Prizes TBA.