Here’s the HeroClix schedule for February 2014:

Day/Date – Saturday  02/01
Time – 1:00 pm
400 Point Golden Age
All resources allowed, no team bases. No figures over 125 points. Prize will be Disintegration Beam Ring and Bethany Cabe LE.

Day/Date – Saturday 02/08
Time – 1:00 pm
1000 Point Golden Age
Close combat attacks only. No resources, team bases or vehicles. 5 actions before Leadership. No use of HSS or TK. Prize will be the Power Plant.

Day/Date – Saturday 02/15
Time – 1:00 pm
Avengers vs X-Men #2
600 point Golden Age X-Men or Avengers theme team- remember you must include at least one of your faction’s starter set figures on your team.

Day/Date – Saturday 02/22
Time – 1:00 pm
ROC Campaign Event Realms Open Championship Campaign Event
Format: Modern Age
Event Structure: Swiss w/ cut
Entry Fee: 10.00

1st place- 5 points, set of dice, 2 tokens super qualifier paid entry ($25 value), and wrestling ring map.
2nd place- 3 points, set of dice, 2 tokens.
3rd place- 2 points, set of dice, 2 tokens.

600 points modern age Non-generic theme team.
45 minute rounds.
NO figures bigger than a peanut base.
All resources with modifiers are allowed.
NO cosmic keyword figures! EX: (that means no phoenix force and no dark phoenix!)
NO mystics team ability allowed! mystics keyword and figures are ok, but no feedback damage taken!
Figures using Hypersonic speed will take 2 unavoidable damage after actions resolve.
Anyone who arrives after 1315 will be given a loss with a zero point bye.

Final 4 will play 300 points modern, theme not necessary. same rules apply as listed above.