Subscription Service

Subspace Comics offers a simple subscription service to our customers, allowing you to get your favorite comics and more without having to worry about missing anything. To start your subscription, just swing into the shop and fill out a subscription box form.


  • 10% Off – By signing up for a a subscription with Subspace Comics, you will receive your comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, magazines at 10% off the cover price.
  • Previews Magazine – In order to help you keep up on what you want for your subscription, we are offering the Previews Magazine (the monthly order catalog for most comics, trades, toys, etc.) at cost, which is currently $2.75.
  • Special Orders – We will handle any orders for “specialty items” found in the Previews Magazine for you.


  • Deposit – There is a $25 non-refundable deposit to open a subscription box with Subspace Comics. This is a one-time fee; once it is paid, that’s it!
  • Number of Titles – there is a minimum of one (1) ongoing title to maintain a box. You can add ¬†as many titles as you wish, and delete them off of your list at any time.
  • Picking Up – Depending on the amount of books on your list, the contents of your box must be picked up at least once a month.