Here are some of our favorite books that came out on Wednesday, April 2nd!

Caliban #1CALIBAN #1 (MR)
(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) Facundo Percio

Master storyteller GARTH ENNIS and Fashion Beast artist FACUNDO PERCIO team up to deliver a haunting new epic of science fiction horror. The crew of the Caliban travels hyperspace on nothing more than a routine trip for the giant vessel. Just human beings that have been inside a bit too long, confident of no other life in the Galaxy, and all the vastness of space to remind them how far they are from home. But when an impossible accident suddenly causes the Caliban to slam into an abandoned alien ship, a nightmare in space begins to unfold. Ennis delivers his unique brand of flawed characters, spot-on dialog, and trademark flare for the unexpected in a new series in the vein of Alien. This is the beginning of the end for the crew of the Caliban.

In the vein of old school Sci Fi Horror, CALIBAN reminds me of classic movies like ALIEN and OUTLAND. It’s a dirty, rough space story, one where the usual “rules” for Sci Fi are pretty much tossed out the window. The kind that only someone like Garth Ennis can write.

The Field #1FIELD #1 (OF 4) (MR)
(W) Ed Brisson (A/CA) Simon Roy

A man wakes in a field wearing nothing but his underwear. He’s got no idea who he is or how he got there. His only connection to the outside world is a cell phone that receives mysterious texts warning him of impending danger. Danger like Christian, an ex-Bible salesman in the middle of a crime spree fueled by Christian Rock, dirty sex, meth, murder, and keeping this underwear-clad, nameless, and past-less man close by his side.

This book is just crazy… Like the summary states, a guy in his underwear with no memory is running around and trying not to get killed by what looks like a lot of people that want to kill him. This was a funky first issue, and with Image’s current track record, I think one to keep a close eye on…

Inhuman #1INHUMAN #1 ANMN
(W) Charles Soule (A/CA) Joe Madureira

The newest super heroes of the Marvel Universe are born!

A cloud of Terrigen mist is moving around the world turning regular people into Inhumans with amazing powers. But not everyone thinks this is a good thing. Discover the secret history of the Marvel Universe and get in at the ground floor of the next big Marvel franchise!

Inhuman is the new Mutant! What with all that has transpired from the recent INFINITY and INHUMANITY story arcs, the Inhuman race has now been spread out and reborn with the destruction of the old kingdom. The ever talented Charles Soule sets the stage for things to come in this first issue, and the artwork from Joe Mad has never been better!

Quantum & Woody #9QUANTUM & WOODY #9 REG FOWLER
(W) James Asmus (A) Kano (CA) Tom Fowler

ALL-NEW ARC! START READING HERE! The world’s worst superhero team welcomes fan favorite artist Kano (Swamp Thing, Gotham Central) aboard to stop the latest scourge on the streets – ROBOTS! Eric needs to know he can trust Woody – and that means Woody needs to get a job, open a bank account, sign up for a library card, and do all the things a responsible adult does. But when a new gang of rogue mad-scientist super-criminals launch a wave of ROBO-CRIME, will Woody stop them…or join them? Plus – the return of EDISON’S RADICAL ACQUISITIONS?!

The PERFECT jumping on point for one of the funniest  and coolest books out! Woody does crazy and stupid things. Eris tries to reign him in. Vincent Van Goat eats things that he is not supposed to eat! Yay!

Honorable Mentions

Another spot on reinterpretation of Moon Knight by Warren Ellis, clean, lean and mean. Why can’t more superhero comics be like this?

This new series continues to deliver in awesomeness! Plus, this issue has Doom-Bots!

Millar and Parlov continue their Flash Gordon inspired space epic!

Another cool installment of reprints from the classic magazines from the 70’s and 80’s featuring Peter Quill, Star-Lord!

Dynamite cracks out another great installment in their new Gold Key Universe, with Turok taking on dinosaurs and Europeans!